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Recovering From Shoulder Surgery Phase Three

There will come a point in time where we have no further medical treatment to offer that will produce any further improvement in the comfort and function of your shoulder.

Even when patients get an excellent result from surgery, it is rare for patients not to have some discomfort or feeling that their shoulder is "not back to normal."

Restoring full comfort and function to the shoulder requires a return to full activity to whatever extent you are capable of doing it. The process of "getting back to life" will enhance the normal healing process so that your shoulder will feel more natural.

This may require a period of time in which you have to perform activities using different positions or different lifting or movement strategies. This is a very valuable way for the body to rehearse its function and for all of the normal programming of the nervous system and strengthening and endurance of the muscles and joints to recover their full potential.

Once you have entered phase three, you may move forward with any and all activity that you feel safe and comfortable performing. Nature will take its course and continued healing will occur for up to one to two years following your surgical procedure.

If you should have concerns about any specific issues, please call our office and we will help you in any way we can.