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  The workers of the United States perform valuable services that sustain a standard of living that we all benefit from as we work, play, and travel about. They are the first to serve on the battlefields when our freedoms or interests are threatened as a nation. They demonstrate the nobility of reliability, honesty and hard work in the hope of leaving a better place for the next generation of Americans.

"We believe that each worker who was injured on the job should have immediate access to state of the art medical care in a comfortable and supportive environment where they are treated with respect."

  It is our job to answer their questions to the best of our ability so they might understand the options available under the workers’ compensation system to help return them to health and restore their position in the workforce. There is overwhelming evidence that workers’ health, financial stability, and family lives are more likely to be harmed the longer they are out of work. It is our mission to get them back to their jobs as quickly and safely as possible.